We’re glad to be back but things are a little different now.


The theatre has been certified as Covid Safe.

In order to maintain that certification the following rules need to be observed.

You must use the service NSW app to check in before entering the premises, and you must sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided.

If you are unwell, or are in isolation for Covid reasons, please do not attend and contact our bookings number to organise a refund or ticket transfer.

Masks are not mandatory, but are recommended.

We will unfortunately not be offering tea or refreshments at the current time as we feel we cannot do so in a Covid safe way. However, we do encourage you to take advantage of the club’s facilities

We are now using a paperless ticket system, and you will not be given a ticket at the box office like we have in the past, all you need is the QR code trybookings has sent you, or the name the booking is under.

We are now offering a cashless, contactless payment option if you are paying at the door.  

Our venue cap is 67 patrons, and we will be separating each booking by a seat to maintain social distancing. Please only sit in the seat shown to you by an usher.

The theatre foyer/box office AND the auditorium will now open simultaneously half an hour before the show will start, and we ask that you move through to our front of house staff who will scan your ticket/search your booking name, then show you to your seat, and avoid any gathering in the foyer, as it is only a small space.

After the show, we would love to say hi to you but instead of waiting in the foyer or just outside the theatre doors please take a seat in the club while you wait to see cast or crew.

We thank you for your co-operation.